More often than not, buyers only consider the certification logo when looking for an iPhone charging cable¬†from Ugreen and overlook other key important features of the cable. While getting a certified lightning cable is essential, make sure you also consider the other elements, like price. The cable’s length is also worth looking into. You are probably wondering why cable length plays an important role. We’ll detail everything you need to know, and you can be assured of changing your mind about the cable’s length.

Advantages of considering length when buying a certified lightning cable

Are you always looking for a cable that allows flexibility? A perfect length cable may be what you are looking for. Note that the manufacturer’s standard cable length is enough for you, but there’s always that lengthy or short cable on the collection, and you cannot go wrong with it. Below is a guide to why length matters when choosing certified lightning cables.


The cable’s length can influence your safety. Most trusted certified lightning cables are usually short. Their short length aims to protect you from SAR radiation emitted by the Apple gadget when charging. The radiation can especially cause negative health impacts when you use your phone when charging. Therefore, the short cables aim to deter you from using your phone while charging. Therefore, you should bear this in mind when choosing the right cable length.

The length influences current resistance

The length of the certified lightning cable also matters because of the current resistance. Longer charging cables offer more current resistance. When the charging current resistance increases, the charging rate decreases. Therefore, a long lightning cable does not pass out a high charging current. This can be a good or bad thing. According to experts, a cable offers efficient charging with more current resistance. However, the current resistance does not matter as much with lightning cables. Certified lightning cables feature a special internal chip protecting them from current surges.

Versatile functions

The cable’s length also influences its functions and versatility. A lightning cable can charge, sync devices, and transfer data from your phone to your computer and vice versa. Its length will determine how you can use it. For instance, if the cable is too short, you cannot use it to connect your phone to your computer when it is on a desk or on your lap. Additionally, if the cable is too long, it can hinder some functions. If you want to charge the phone while using it in bed, a lengthy cable comes in hand.

Storage and preservation

The cable’s length can also influence its storage and preservation. Shorter cables are easier to store and preserve as you do not need to fold or wrap them. Improper wrapping can cause the cable’s internal wires to break. With longer cables, you must learn the art of wrapping to preserve them.


The standard length of a certified lightning cable is around one or two meters. However, you can always get something longer depending on how you intend to use it. You can get cables longer than two meters from Ugreen store; they are compatible with your Apple device.


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