The best way to get a 3D printed part is to send it to a 3D printer. There are many advantages to using this service. You can have it printed quickly. If you need a prototype, you don’t have to wait for a long time for it to be produced. This is great for startups, as you can have a new product on hand in less than a week. You can save a lot of money by choosing a professional 3D printing service.¬†There are some top 3D printing service¬†online which you can choose. Keep on reading!

– LeadRP

LeadRP is a global 3D printing service that specializes in custom prototypes. Its global facilities in Japan and Europe are available to serve the needs of both individual and business customers. The service is easy to use and offers a variety of benefits for its clients. Its mission is to make your life easier and more convenient. By offering an online 3D printing service, you’ll be able to create a product of your dreams.

– Shapeways

If you are looking for a reliable 3D printing service, then you should look no further than Shapeways. Shapeways offers rapid prototyping services and provides direct access to STL files and designer. They also offer free online quotations and design verification, so you can make informed decisions. You can also see the order history and compare different vendors to get the best deal. If you are in need of a specific material or a specific surface finish, then Shapeways is a great choice.

– Sculpteo

Sculpteo is a high resolution 3D printing service that offers 75 different materials. They also offer a carbon fiber 3D printing service. In 2015, Sculpteo partnered with Staples to offer online 3D printing and pick-up from select production centers in France. Sculpteo offers a 3D printing store as well as a laser cutting option. You can even customize your own design with this service.

– Autotiv

Autotiv combines excess manufacturing capacity of qualified vendors with automated in-house manufacturing workflows to provide an exceptional 3D printing experience. Autotiv offers five types of 3D printing, file preparation, materials consulting, and project management. OnSite is the largest single-site 3D printing facility in Europe, and they have dedicated fast lane equipment. OnSite’s service also offers more than 20 materials and fifteen finishes. This makes the process easy and quick for both individuals and businesses.

– Xometry

Xometry is an online 3D printing service with the largest single-site 3D printing plant in Europe. The site offers a range of polyJet and fused deposition modeling technologies. You can choose from more than 25 different materials. Their website also features an instant quote tool and a comprehensive list of 3D software. They even have a medical area for 3D printing. You can easily upload your 3D file and start the project with just a few clicks.


So far you can find the best pricing and the best 3D printing service in your area. If you don’t have the time to print your own objects, you can hire a 3D printing company and still have the same quality product.


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